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Worldle Game

Worldle is a new word puzzle game focused on your knowledge of geography. In Worldle, you have six chances to find a mysterious geographic location. It can be a country, an island, or a territory. You will receive clues about the proximity of each of your guesses. Hints will show you the direction and distance at which you should search for the target area.

How to play Worldle Game?


Look at the outline of some territory on a map. Make your first guess in terms of a valid country, island, or territory. Enter it in the first empty cell or select from the list and click the Guess button.


If your answer is incorrect, you will see hints about the closeness of your guess in percentage terms. A higher percentage means you are close to the correct answer.


The hints will show you the direction and distance from your choice to the target territory.


You have six attempts to give the correct answer.


Want to make the game harder? Go to “Settings” and hide the country image or rotate it randomly.


You can change the distance unit from kilometers to miles in “Settings”.

Did you like Worldle Game?

Worldle is a geographic spin-off of Wordle created by 31-year-old game developer Antoine Theuf. At first, users were confused by the similarity of the names of the games, but in fact they are very different. The main difference between the two is that in Worldle, players must target countries rather than words. Interestingly, the “father” of Worldle is not well versed in geography, and in his work he was inspired by Wordle and GeoGuessr. After launching in January 2022, Worldle quickly went viral with thousands of users playing Worldle every day. Territory silhouettes are updated every day in Worldle from OpenSource maps and a standardized set of country codes created by the International Organization for Standardization, so you can improve your geographic skills every day in this game!